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iPhone 6- Could this be it????

iPhone 6 - PrototypeFor the second time in the history of the iPhone a top Apple (APPL) executive has left what I believe to be the latest prototype behind in a coffee shop.  In an amazing turn of events the phone (pictured left) has found its way in the hands of me, Tom Hanrahan, infant and journalist extraordinaire at Please read on for an exclusive review of this marvelous new phone.

I have spent the last two days putting the phone through its paces and I can tell you it’s a quantum leap forward in technology, form and user interface design. With this phone Apple have again rewritten the play book on how a smart phone should look and feel, and it will have the laggards at Redmond and Google struggling yet again to catch up. Given how near to completion this phone seemed to be the release date for this device could well be late 2012, putting in well in line for that all important holiday season.

Before we delve into the details lets cover the basics. First off, this phone is big….very big. Coming in at almost 9 times the size of its predecessor, the engineers and designers at Apple have taken a very brave step here. I think the size will be one of the defining features of this release, and you will either love it or hate it, but I suspect once you get used to it you will wonder how you every worked with smaller devices. To combat the increased size, in what is a beautiful touch, and one that shows again that Apple is able to engineer the most elegant solutions, they have added 4 wheels, 2 on either side, and a piece of string at the front. This means that instead of having to carry the phone around in their pockets or handbags, users can wheel it around behind them.  While this may sound unwieldy at first you soon get used to it, and beautiful aesthetics of this phone ensure you will want to show it off.

Next up is the operating system. In a typical Apple move they have defied all convention and removed the operating system entirely for this release. It has been replaced by a spring with a set of bells, or iChimes as I think they will be known. The bells have been hooked up to the wheels and to a set of semi-rotating eyes at the front of the phone so that as you pull the phone behind you it makes a nice tinkling sound (of which you will never tire….believe me). It’s a plucky move, particularly considering that you will no longer be able to use any of your apps, or make phone calls etc., but I think Apple are really redefining the smart phone here. Once they removed the operating system it was clear that there was no need for a screen, so the traditional screen has been replaced by an old school rotating dialler. Although it doesn’t serve any function beyond making a kind of ringing noise, the dialler more than compensates for the lack of screen and it’s probably the one feature that has given me the most joy.

What about price?? Well obviously I have no details on that yet, but given the technology in this new device I expect we will see it retailing somewhere north of $500…a pricey phone for sure, but one we think a lot of people will be putting in their holiday stockings next year. Also, again no word on which carriers will support the iPhone 6, but we can assume both AT&T and Verizon will want to get in on the action. I think we can all look forward to seeing countless phones being dragged around on the streets and in the subways for Xmas 2012!

* - Actually I stole it - See side bar for details.