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what about me?

Tom - Lord of All Angelmen My name is Tom Hanrahan and I was born in London in 2009, but am now living in NJ, USA.  I was diagnosed with Angelman Syndrome this year (2011) (specifically a 3.5mb deletion).

I have one sister, Molly, who is 3 years old and whose obsession with all things pertaining to hearts, butterflys, the color pink, fairies etc. would test any brother's patience.  Although I have yet to start crawling I am keen to do so, if only to smash up her dolls' houses and her Hello Kitty and Disney merchandise, which seems to be breeding in our front room.

My ridiculous parents

In addition to a sister I have have two parents who variously go by the names Mum & Dad or Jo & Mike.  When my Mum is not looking after little ol' me she is contorting herself into all sorts of shapes in the name of Yoga.  When she is not doing that she enjoys surfing, jogging and enough other very physical sports to make me wonder if I am giving her a hard enough time.  No mother should have that kind of energy, paritcularly the mother of an Angelman child....I must make a note to step up my game.

My dad is a sedentary beast who spends the bulk of this time in front of a computer, working he says, but I have my doubts.  If he worked all the hours he sits in front of that thing he would have personally cured Angelman by himself already.

This Site

I got the idea for this site from reading about Angelman on the Foundation for Angelman Syndrome Therapeutics (they really shoe horned in the acronym FAST with that one).  This amazing organization is leading the way in Angelman Research, but they sorely need money.  As I am too little/lazy to do fun runs I thought I would explore my journalistic ambitions and see if I could raise some money writing a load of nonsense.  As one of the symptomes of Angelman is cynicism* I am going to write about subjects that I think people want to hear about rather than what I would rather write about (which is milk, poo and myself).

* - not really