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Donate!!! Its Only a $1

Tom - Lord of All Angelmen Thank you for making it to the donate page.  Your $1 can help cure Angelman.  If you look at my "trousers" in the picture opposite you will see just one reason why its so important that we find a cure.  My parents clearly think its acceptable to dress me in my sister's old clothes, and judging by what she is wearing in the photo my future satorial dignity is in serious jeopardy.  So please donate...if there is a prospect of a cure my parents won't be so quick to make my look like a dick (they will be worried how I dress them when they are living in Sunset Valley Care Home in 50 years time).

Help Us Go Viral

After you have donated please tweet about one of my articles, or like me on facebook, or join my facebook page, or follow me on twitter, or email a friend about me, or if you work in the media then write about my cause, or basically tell anyone you can to donate a $1 so Angelman can be the first syndrome cured by the power of the internet (and I suppose the scientists who actually do the work should get some credit!).

Corporate Shinanigins

If you work for some big fancy corporation and would like me to subtly endorse your product or service in one of my articles or videos then please contact me. Of course I can be anything other than subtle if thats what you want. Also, as I am trying to raise money here I have suspended my integrity, so if you are an arms dealer, or want me to wax lyrical about the nice smooth flavour of [insert tobacco product name here] then I can do that. Anyway, all this talking has got me thirsty...I think its time for a nice long cool glass of Coke.